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      katnisslightwood asked: romitri or chrissa?

      His eyes held hers, and the smile on his face transformed into something warmer and softer. “Well I hope this isn’t misunderstood, otherwise I might get punched.” Leaning over he brought his lips to hers. Lissa responded with no hesitation or thought whatsoever, and lost herself in the sweetness of the kiss.


        It’s something that’s inside of us



              VA/BLOODLINES MEME ♦ Six cover remakes

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                  "When you make yourself lift your ass from the couch, tear your ear from the phone, close Facebook and Instagram - this amazing feeling literally hits you. Sunsets in Australia, vineyards in Tuscany, paintings in The Musée de l’ Orangerie in Paris, beautiful people in the streets, movies, music, many things."