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All Moroi had a small ability in each element. When they got to be around our age, students “specialized” when one element grew stronger than the others: earth, water, fire, or air. Not specializing was like not going through puberty.


    Frostbite One Week Challenge

    Day 1: Favorite new character

    "I hadn’t seen her in years because she was always off on some insane mission. And yet…here she was at the Academy right now -right in front of me- and she hadn’t even bothered to let me know she was coming. So much for motherly love."

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            By the way, my name’s Rose Hathaway. I’m seventeen years old, training to protect and kill vampires, in love with a completely unsuitable guy, and have a best friend whose weird magic could drive her crazy.
            Hey, no one said high school was easy.

                  "Not much of a reaction from your boyfriend."

                  "He’s not my boyfriend. But grading on the Dimitri curve, huge reaction!" 

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